Office workers sit for 10 hours on average a day!

At the active work place we appreciate what is means to be a start-up and a small business, we’ve all been there, done that and got the T-Shirt which we wear with pride! Presenting yourself in a professional way however you can, really matters and to have a proper business address can make all the difference in some cases. It also means you don’t give your personal address out in your business and maintains a cool distance between work life and home life.

We offer a simple straight forward service providing our clients with a business address and we do the mail forwarding to you for you, twice a week. You can register up to five different names and we will forward your mail.

If you need a telephone answering service we can help you with that and if you are expecting something really important we will make special efforts to look out for it and send it on special delivery if needed.

Whatever you need to be successful we will make it our business to help!

For further information just send an email in the first instance to


"At first standing at my desk seemed like a crazy thing to do but now I wouldn’t work any other way"